About Us

Critical Power Resource

(CPR) is headquartered in Raleigh, NC. CPR began operations in 2001 as a provider of critical power products and services supporting the critical facility requirements of its clients throughout the United States.

Our purpose is to ensure the maximum reliability of your business operations by providing best-in-class critical power infrastructure products and services.

What We Believe In…

Our focus is on high quality power conditioning and back-up power solutions, customized services, and strong application and technical knowledge necessary to support your most critical operations.

Past years of experience include extensive application and site design consulting in uninterruptible power systems, generator and transfer switch equipment, precision cooling, and electrical distribution products.

We have successfully placed hundred’s of solutions into service, including products from ABB/GE, Eaton/Powerware, Emerson/Liebert, and Schneider/APC/MGE. Please see our line cards for a comprehensive directory of all the exceptional product lines and services that we offer.

In more recent years, we expanded our reach to include data center assessment, data center design/build consulting, asset management assistance, and consulting services focused on improved maintenance and increased reliability in your mission critical facility environments.

At the core of today’s accelerated technology evolution is the modern Data Center, where system reliability and availability is an absolute imperative. At the backbone of your data center is the critical power infrastructure where power quality, redundancy, and backup readiness are essential in the support of this key imperative. Our mission at Critical Power Resource is to ensure the readiness of your critical power system, and minimize or eliminate downtime associated with the many risk factors both within and outside of your control.

Knowing that we must continue to earn your business through timely and accurate response, attention to detail, and follow-through support, we ask that you call on us for your future infrastructure product solutions and services.